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TikTok Is Hoping to Become Your Go-To Search Engine.

A new commercial for the immensely popular social media platform TikTok suggests that it’s good for more than just mindless scrolling and comment thread warfare.

TikTok has gone from being an obscure lip-syncing app in 2016 to becoming the most visited website in the world in 2022, thanks in large part to its appeal among younger users.

Due to its rising popularity, consumers are increasingly turning to TikTok in place of more established search engines like Google, and the company has taken note.

Advertisement for TikTok’s Search Functions

TikTok has released a new commercial in which two users are seen surfing the app for advice on anything from how to clean a carpet to what novels they should read.

Use of social media as a search tool is no longer a fleeting novelty. TikTok, Instagram, and other sites attract massive user bases, both young and elderly, who often use them to find answers to their questions.

As a consequence of TikTok’s meteoric rise, Google has begun included the app’s videos in its search engine results, presumably to prevent the specialized search engine from going the way of Ask Jeeves. However, TikTok has certain challenges on its path to becoming the dominant search platform.

Dreadful Issues for TikTok
TikTok’s usage as a search engine isn’t without its share of criticism. For one, it has a reputation for aggressive data gathering tactics, especially when compared to other social networking sites. In addition to this, the fact that its parent firm, ByteDance, is located in China may offend some users.

Indeed, despite Biden reversing Trump’s ban on TikTok, a number of localized prohibitions have emerged throughout government. Recent news has seen Texas become the latest state to prohibit the usage of TikTok on government-owned devices.

All this is to imply that TikTok has a long way to go before it is predominantly used as a search engine, if for no other reason than the fact that it is still so dang entertaining to continuously scroll rather than discover information.

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