Predictions indicate that 2024 will be a banner year for iPad sales at Apple.

Don’t hold your breath on major changes to the iPad Pro or other Apple tablets this year; it might be a full year before the next round of updates arrives.

According to the weekly Bloomberg newsletter by Mark Gurman(opens in new tab), which is exclusively available to subscribers, the iPad Pro “for certainly isn’t receiving anything of importance this year,” and neither are the regular iPad, iPad Air, or iPad mini.

Instead, 2024 will be an excellent year for iPad sales. That’s when, according to Gurman, the iPad Pro will get a redesign and the rumored switch to an OLED screen.

One possible change is to equip the iPad Pro with a glass back, or at least a partly glass back, that can facilitate wireless charging. This would make Apple’s high-end slate stand out from the crowd since both of these features are quite uncommon among tablets.

There have even been whispers of up to a 16-inch iPad Pro, although these have yet to materialize. Although Gurman did not directly address the possibility of a new size being introduced in his email, it is possible that this is part of the makeover he alluded to.

OLED screens are becoming increasingly commonplace on tablets, with examples being Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 line of tablets. Gurman has claimed that an OLED iPad won’t be released until 2024, although other Apple leakers have said that it will be released next year. The mini-LED display on the iPad Pro (12.9-inch) is fantastic, but OLED has the potential to vastly improve its color reproduction and contrast.

Launched in November 2022, the current iPad Pro variants include an Apple M2 processor, making their purported successors at least a year outdated. Maybe it will be introduced in the spring, when Apple often unveils new products, but if not, there is always the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in the summer and Apple’s regular autumn product presentations.

There is no miniaturized HomePod in the works.

In the most recent edition of Power On, Apple insider Mark Gurman revealed that the company is not currently working on a followup to the HomePod mini.

Apple fans have been asking Gurman about the future of Apple’s smaller smart speaker, the HomePod, ever since the updated HomePod was announced last week. The new HomePod doesn’t offer any capabilities that the mini didn’t previously have, so an update is unneeded at this time, according to Gurman, who “[does not] think that As of right now, Apple is working hard on just such a product.”

We have not yet had the opportunity to test out the new HomePod, but once we do, we will let you know what we think of it and how it stacks up against the older HomePod mini.

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