Comparison of TeamViewer and Pro by GoTo, Two Popular Remote-Access Tools
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Comparison of TeamViewer and Pro by GoTo, Two Popular Remote-Access Tools

TeamViewer and GoToMeeting Pro are both excellent choices for remote access software. Which do you want? Is it what you need?

Pro by GoTo (previously LogMeIn Pro) is a better alternative than TeamViewer for small companies due to its cheaper subscriptions for a lesser number of users, even if TeamViewer is one of the top remote access software solutions for bigger, more established enterprises.

TeamViewer and Pro are quite similar in that they both have excellent functionalities and reliable safety measures in place. Neither option is undesirable, and with the epidemic having ushered in what may be a permanent trend towards working from home, remote access software is seeing explosive growth.

Now the question is, which is the best? We investigated around and discovered that TeamViewer and Pro are equally equipped. It all comes down to cost and how many people you need to be able to support using TeamViewer. Depending on your circumstances, either option might be ideal. We’ll go forth the rationale behind this below.

A Comprehensive Analysis of TeamViewer and Pro by GoTo
The features, price, and customer service of both TeamViewer and Pro by GoTo are commendable. Compared to Pro’s one to ten remote connections, TeamViewer’s 200 to 500 are substantial. However, unlike TeamViewer, the Pro version offers an infinite number of users.

Differences and similarities between TeamViewer and Pro by GoTo

The GoTo Presentations Professional Edition

The Pro’s features combine to provide a highly adaptable remote access solution for single users and small teams. With its built-in mobile device compatibility, it’s convenient to use anywhere, whether in the office or on the move, making it ideal for a small scattered company.

The limited number of devices under management is also a key drawback. This is the maximum number of company PCs that may be accessed with a single login. The minimum number of devices covered by the Individuals plan is two, while the maximum number covered by the Small Businesses plan is 10. Central, another GoTo service, provides a comparable but more enterprise-focused offering for a monthly fee of $80, with a minimum of 25 connected machines.


The versatility and abundance of TeamViewer’s features are the program’s greatest strengths. All of these capabilities are designed to assist businesses in meeting the information technology demands of their staff members, regardless of whether those staff members are at the office, on the road, at home, or anywhere else in the world. An incredibly complete remote access solution for enterprises, including desktop sharing, web conferencing, and remote file transfers.

Disadvantages of using TeamViewer? Some clients may feel the price is too expensive because of all the extras the provider tries to offer them. There may be a delay if an employee is using outdated software, which has been reported by certain customers but should not be an issue if everyone is keeping their software up to date.


Access From Afar

Useful essential capabilities for a remote access solution are included in both systems, including remote control, screen sharing, remote printing, and session recording.

When a TeamViewer user has a lot of devices to keep track of, the access restrictions and customized customer modules that come with the software become more important.


Apple’s macOS, Microsoft’s Windows, Apple’s iOS and iPad OS, and Google’s Android are all supported by both remote access software. When it comes to web applications, both TeamViewer and Pro by GoTo have their own for remote access over the internet.

TeamViewer also has Linux compatibility, which is missing from GoTo’s Pro.


TeamViewer provides a plethora of extra tools for remote teams to collaborate effectively: All of your online meeting, presentation, calendaring, and screensharing needs for up to 15 individuals at once may be met with this service.

Pro does not provide these capabilities since it does not seem to value group work as highly as individual work. Nonetheless, it has one significant advantage than TeamViewer: there is no user limit. This implies that a single purchase of a license may be used to provide an unlimited number of users access to a computer’s data remotely, even if they are unable to have a meeting using the Pro version of the software.

Rollout and System Integrations

While TeamViewer allows for remote installation on several computers at once, Pro users must manually install the program on each computer they want to access.

It’s true that both services may be integrated with other applications, but TeamViewer offers additional features, such as the ability to integrate with hardware for a more seamless experience regardless of what an organization already uses for IT.

Organization of Passwords

All of the paid Pro plans come with a complimentary subscription to LastPass Premium, the premium version of the company’s own password management service.

TeamViewer lacks any kind of password management feature.

Android Apps

Those who use a Pro may download an app for either iOS or Android.

In addition to iOS and Android, TeamViewer now has programs for Windows 8 and Blackberry.

Details on Costs and Subscriptions

Whereas Pro by GoTo’s lowest monthly price is $30 for unlimited users and two managed devices, TeamViewer’s lowest monthly price is $50.90 for one user and up to 200 managed devices.

Three primary pricing tiers are offered for both services, but TeamViewer also offers a free tier for those who want to use it primarily for personal, rather than professional, purposes. How do they compare? Here it is.


Non-commercial users may use TeamViewer for free, but the three premium levels unlock more sophisticated features and user permissions.

Business License: $50.90/month for one user, five meeting attendees, and up to 200 managed devices.
Price of a Premium License is $102.90 monthly for up to 50 users, 15 meeting attendees, and 300 managed devices.
For a company of 200 employees, $206.90 a month gets you a license good for 200 users, 25 meeting attendees, and 500 managed devices.

In addition to their always-free non-commercial software, TeamViewer also provides a free 14-day trial of their business plans. Check out our specialized plan and upgrade page for additional information.

The GoTo Presentations Professional Edition

In contrast to TeamViewer, Pro by GoTo’s three pricing tiers provide the same set of functionality. These include the capacity to log in from afar, print from afar, use many monitors at once, and store a massive amount of data (1 terabyte). All Pro subscriptions include with unlimited users and the same premium phone tech support.

Then, what makes each strategy unique? How many free licenses for a password manager are included and how many devices may be handled under each plan.

For individuals, a monthly fee of $30 is charged for use on two computers with a single copy of LastPass.
Five computers and three LastPass licenses for Power Users — $70 per month
Price each month for a small business with ten PCs and five LastPass licenses: $129.

Both services, like any respectable remote access software, include the essential internet security measures for keeping your data secure across all of your gadgets. In addition, keeping the topic of security at the forefront of the discourse is crucial as an increasing number of businesses adopt a completely or partly remote workforce.

TeamViewer employs 2048-bit RSA key exchange and 256-bit AES session encoding to keep connections safe, whereas Pro by GoTo uses 256-bit SSL end-to-end encryption for all connections. These two services are up to par with what is expected of current internet safety.

Simplicity Of Operation

After initial configuration, both services are user-friendly and efficient. The issue comes in preparing them for use.

The setup procedure might be time-consuming since, like other remote access software, it has to be installed or deployed on a variety of devices before it can be used.

While TeamViewer can be installed on hundreds of devices in a matter of minutes, installing GoTo’s Pro might take a bit longer due to the absence of a bulk remote deployment function. If you’re still having trouble getting started with remote access after installing GoTo, the company offers a comprehensive online tutorial that will walk you through the whole procedure, from downloading and installing the program to manually adding the host’s software and getting started.

All of TeamViewer’s documentation is accessible online for free access by anybody. In all situations, the hardest thing is getting started, but after that, using the system is dead easy.

Aid and Assistance

A GoTo Pro representative may be reached through email, phone, a support ticket, or a live chat. Users may go through a Knowledge Base, a community forum, and a blog before contacting a live help person.

During business hours, customers may contact TeamViewer by email, phone, or live chat for assistance. Users also have access to a Knowledge Base, community forum, and online academy that compiles papers, videos, and frequently asked questions (FAQs), all of which are quite similar to GoTo’s own.

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