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Logitech’s StreamCam, Perfect For Creators, Is Currently Just $116 At Walmart

We’ve all gone beyond running around like crazy to find the right gear for home and school. That’s not really a concern for most people these days, but if you’re still looking for a webcam to show you at work or school, or want to make your Twitch and YouTube streams even better than they are now StreamCam for Logitech Content Creators is a great option. And now it’s available at Walmart for $116.

These cameras typically cost $170 at Logitech and $150 for the black version at Amazon ($120 for the white version). I have quite a few webcams and this is the only one because 1080p, 60fps, StreamCam makes me look better on camera when creating content. Especially compared to the built-in webcam on the computer.

Combining this StreamCam with the right lighting (I also use a Logitech product, Litra Glow) takes it to an even higher level. The Logitech StreamCam is equipped with AF and AF functions to keep the main focus in the center of the shot, wherever you move. It has a built in microphone if needed and AE can light up the room. It does connect via USB-C though, so if your computer doesn’t have a slot, you’ll need to get a proper adapter to get it to work.

Logitech StreamCam is worth it and it will affect your video whether you use Zoom or OBS.

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