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No matter what Apple does, the next Apple Watch will not be perfect.

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Apple Watch, one of the most popular smartwatches worldwide (opens in new tab), could be getting its most extensive remodeling in four years. These are the rumors (opens in new tab) that Apple is trying to push the Apple Watch 8 towards its brand of excellence, despite not altering the form or flattening its sides.

Apple is always looking for the perfect watch design to ensure that it is not outdated. Tim Bajarin, Chairman of Imaginative Approaches and Principal Analyst at Imaginative Approaches, informed me via email.

Salvador Dali, a Surrealist musician, observed the limits of style and possibly the effort required to achieve it. He said: Don’t worry about perfection, and you’ll never get there. This and Apple’s possible redesign of what was essentially a square steel and glass puck got me thinking about watch design in general.

One layout that can rule them all

Apple Watch was introduced in 2015 by Apple, and it broke all the rules of watch fashion and offered a more or less universal look. This was a significant departure for me as someone who has collected watches (analog and digital), and I remember wondering if this look could please everyone.

But is there a best watch layout? My stomach says no. However, I wanted to speak with Noah Segan, a watch geek who collects all kinds of exquisitely designed watches when he’s not acting. He does not own an Apple Watch, preferring to use Wyze for his physical exercise and hybrid eyes like Casio’s GShock.

He can still see enough watch design to understand what the watch community likes and dislikes. I asked him what Apple might do to make the Apple Watch the best watch.

Segan quickly devised some great watch designs, including the stunning Rolex Explorer and the Patek Philippe Calatrava. These watches are gorgeous and also share a simplicity that, according to Segan, allows for style and art.

He stated that the Apple Watch is as close as anyone could get. However, because the watch is only an intense display, layout aspects are not visible. This is the difference between putting a painting or poster on your wall and having a picture of that painting on your TV.

He is correct. The infinitely customizable face turns into a blank, glossy screen when you turn off your Apple Watch. As I thought about the Apple Watch and the possibilities it could become, I realized that Apple would focus most of its work on the body. An analog watch combines a physical and often complex watch face with an equally well-considered body.

Does Apple view a watch or a phone?

Segan says that the Apple Watch can be shaped to look different, and it can shift from a square shape to a rectangular one, or it can turn round and become more square. It’s not that smartwatches aren’t popular, but rather that an Apple Watch is a small iPhone and not a smartwatch.

This may be true, especially if you consider apps and calling capabilities as the core of an apple iphone. Apple has added many powers to the Apple Watch beyond watches and iPhones. The first watches could do a lot, but they didn’t measure your heart rate or track sound and couldn’t detect a fall or give you an EKG.

Bajarin explained that Apple’s desire to upgrade and upgrade the Apple Watch was based on eight years of experience. They’ve extensively researched how people use it and what they need. Bajarin said that health and emergency apps are the most popular and that an Apple Watch with more of that focus could bring more customers to it.

Most watch designers believe that function is a more or less solved art, which is why they spend so much on design details.

Watch nerds being watch nerds.

Hoodinkee is a publishing paradise for watch lovers. They once asked readers to describe their ideal watch and then had a designer create a mockup of each design idea. The design similarities struck me. There’s a rectangular design with an eye-opening face, but it lacks an authentic look. Instead, it has a pair of slots that curve for minutes and hours. However, several chronographs are circular – variations on the same theme.

Apple could also receive credit for a significant design overhaul, even though it may only make minor adjustments to its screen size (Bajarin wouldn’t be surprised if it had a larger screen), edge adjustments, and new materials.

Apple may be searching for the perfect watch design, but it is unlikely to find it. Its simple watch design will satisfy most tastes. The Samsung Galaxy Watch, at least the ones with the turning bezel, may not have the same appeal.

There is no perfect watch design, digital or analog, and the good enough Apple Watch design is beautiful on its own merits.

Apple Watch was introduced in 2015, and it broke all the rules of watch fashion and offered a more universal look than most. He does not own an Apple Watch and prefers Wyze fitness watches and hybrid digital watches that are more outward-bound, like Casio’s GShock.

Apple has added many capabilities to the Apple Watch beyond watches and iPhones. Bajarin stated that health and emergency apps are gaining popularity and that an Apple Watch with more of this focus could attract more customers.

Its simple watch design will satisfy most tastes.

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